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Writer, thinker, diaresis fanboy. Topics: Politics, sports, and disability rights. Email:, or caffeinate them @

Personal History

Or, The Pound Cake Madeleine

Me, my mother, and Nana — 1978. Photo by Gus Eden.

In Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, he talks about how the combination of a madeleine and a cup of tea unexpectedly brought memories from his childhood rushing back. …

2020 in Review

Brad’s Best of 2020

Bright blue and pink confetti tossed into a dark blue sky.
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

A friend of my father’s once said to me, “There is no ice water in hell.” I was 10 and had no clue what he was talking about. That phrase came back to me recently, as I realized that even in this annus horribilis, there are some things worth celebrating.

Photo by Tim de Groot on Unsplash
  1. The Little Drummer Boy (TLDB in future references) is homeless. Alternatively, he is the champion of a tribe of desert-dwelling LDB’s (which is why he is TLDB as opposed to ALDB), but this analysis is highly problematic for reasons I will elucidate later in this work.
  2. TLDB is not only…

Years ago, when Facebook was still a toddler, I used to post the best thing I saw that day. Now that I have divested myself of all social media, I’m…

Having seen my first dramatic performance, Eugene Ionesco’s Macbett, at the Wilma Project on Sansom Street in 1987, and having kept up with the theater ever since, I contend that the last 18 months have been the most powerful, fecund, daring, and fully realized stretch of productions in the Wilma’s…

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If sports fans can have fantasy teams, politics wonks can have fantasy cabinets. This is a community activity, and the point is to get someone on the Biden Transition team to notice and take the will of the people into account when making their choices.



Photo by Corleone Brown on Unsplash

The Philadelphia 76'ers will win the 2020 NBA Championship. That’s a guarantee. You seem confused by my statement. Oh, I’m sorry. I was unclear. There is a chance that this current 76'ers team might be champions — A Horford, Tobias Harris, and Josh Richardson isn’t a bad big three. …

Let’s Decriminalize The USA

A pair of locked handcuffs on a table.
Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

As a white male, I cannot possibly understand what black folks have gone through and are currently going through in this racist country of ours. Because I cannot understand, I can neither sympathize nor empathize, as both of those require understanding. Some writers have a problem with the concept of…

A long-time reader demystifies the selection process.

Photo by Lawless Capture on Unsplash

Recently, I read one article about sending your book manuscript to an agent, and another about getting your short stories published in magazines. As I looked around, I didn’t see anything similar for playwrights, and since I am a theatre worker through and through, I decided I’d write one.


Brad Rothbart

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